A little bit about us

The City Sikhs Network is an organisation run by British Sikhs to create positive change within Britain. Ours is an authentic voice of British Sikhs. We have over 6,000 members throughout the UK and we are based on universal Sikh values such as equality, tolerance, social integration and community cohesion.

The majority of our members are Sikh professionals from the second, third and fourth generation British Sikh community. We are primarily based in the London, the South East and the Midlands.

Our Directors have represented the City Sikhs Network and spoken on issues regarding British Sikhs on the following mainstream British media in the past 12 months: BBC1, BBC World News, BBC Asian Network, local BBC Radio, BBC Radio 2, Al Jazeera, Channel 4, Huffington Post.

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For media enquiries, please email our media team (media@citysikhs.org.uk) and we shall reply immediately.

To learn more about the City Sikhs Network you can see our frequently asked questions page.

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Dr Kamel Hothi – CSN Advisory Board

Jasvir Singh OBE – Chairman for the City Sikhs Network

Kulveer Ranger – CSN Advisory Board

Dr Surinder Hundal – CSN Advisory Board

City Sikhs Network in the Media

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Question Time St Pauls Cathedral 2013
The Big Question 2013
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David Cameron visits Amritsar 2013
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City Sikhs working with the Football Association
Labour Party Faith Reception 2012
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Limmud Jewish Conference of Learning 2012

Ethical Investments – A Sikh Perspective

British Sikh Report – The Largest Census Launched by Sikhs 2013

Khanda Poppy Project for Remembrance Sunday 2012

“British Asian Sporting Success” held in partnership with Herbert Smith Freehills 2012

Jasvir Singh: The City Sikhs Network 2012

Asian Achievers Awards 2012

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“Mayoral Hustings in the City” held in partnership with Deloitte 2012

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 Sewa Day: Were not a faith initiative are we?!! 2011

“Sikhs, the City and Success” held in partnership with Barclays Wealth 2011

City Sikhs hosts Guruka Singh for his London visit 2011

City Sikhs Network Self-Enrichment Weekend Retreat 2011

City Sikhs take part in Sewa Day 2010

Faith in the Workplace event 2010

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City Sikh Network Launch 2010

Jewish organisations team up to fight political racism 2010

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