What is the CSN Mission and Values?

At City Sikhs Network we pride ourselves on being committed to supporting integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism and mutual respect. We work to build a cohesive, tolerant and inclusive society in which individuality is respected and diversity is celebrated.

We aim to provide a voice for Professional Sikhs whilst empowering people to create positive change within society as a whole.

How do I become a member of CSN and how much does it cost?

It is free to become a member of CSN and you only need to join the mailing list by subscribing on the website here.



CSN Annual Reports


Which charities and organisations do we officially support/partner with?

The CSN has no specific charity partner and we have relationship with a large number of associations and networks including the ones below.


The CSN agenda seems very high level, shouldn’t it be more specific?

As an organisation the CSN has a fairly broad vision, however, we are broad for a reason in that we have no specific agenda other than to provide helpful services and representation for professional Sikhs.

There are multiple groups out there that represent Sikhs interests of one kind. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a single organisation rather than many?

The CSN believes that there is room for diversity when it comes to the representation of Sikh interests. Indeed we encourage it. At the CSN, we are always open to collaborating with other like-minded groups with a view to achieving similar aims.

Does CSN have any political affiliations?

The CSN is an apolitical organisation and so, does not support any single politically or movement.

This doesn’t mean we have nothing to say about politics. Our position on political matters is centered around Sikh religious values. These are what we stand for. We actively engage with politics and politicians and encourage discussions in the community.

Is it possible for me to join the CSN team?

Every year we open up our Ambassadors scheme to allow new members to join our team. We will notify members through our newsletter with regards to when this will be reopened.

Are CSN events and services only open to Sikhs?

All CSN events and services are open to anyone to attend. We have a diverse network of people from all religions, castes, professions, ethnic backgrounds and age groups attend our events.

Does CSN promote any specific dietary or lifestyle choices at events?

CSN does not dictate any particular lifestyle choices to its members but rather seeks to be a place where a diverse range of people can come together and meet each other and be inspired towards positive change.

However, we do not allow alcohol to be served at our events.