Are you interested in volunteering for a Charity?

The City Sikhs Network has been running an Ambassador scheme for a number of years which provides individuals with an opportunity to volunteer their time and skills.

 Candidate Profile:

  • We are looking for expertise across a range of disciplines including strategy, finance, media, business, events, law, videography, voluntary and public sectors
  • There are various roles which you can undertake and you can suggest new ones too

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Gain expertise in a new skill set or develop an existing skill set
  • Increase your volunteering profile on linkedin with an establised charity
  • Meet new people from diverse backgrounds and expand your professional network
  • Give back to the community

Time Commitments:

  • Approximately 1-2 hours per week which is 12-13 days per annum.
  • You can remain an ambassador for an indefinite period of time with the minimum duration being 1 year.

Current Available Roles:

  • London welcoming team – welcoming guests to events and helping at the registration desk
  • London Events team – managing the end-to-end organisation of events in London
  • Midlands team – work to hold at least two key events each year in Birmingham and surrounding areas using the London model, and managing the end-to-end organisation of events
  • Fundraising team – Help to gain sponsorship for the British Sikh Report, increase advertising revenue and developing new ideas for generating revenue
  • British Sikh Report team – help with the preparation, compilation and publishing of the prestigious british sikh report
  • Press release and statements manager – writing press releases events and statements in respect of important events relating to the British Sikh / Indian community
  • Social media manager – providing regular weekly tweets and twitter updates at events, and managing the Facebook and LinkedIn pages
  • Photographer – providing photography at events and uploading watermarked pictures to the city sikhs facebook page
  • Videographer – providing videography at events and uploading video content to the city sikhs youtube channel