Are you interested in volunteering for a Sikh Charity?

City Sikhs has been running a Volunteer Ambassador scheme for a number of years which provides individuals with an opportunity to volunteer their time and skills.

 Candidate Profile:

  • We are looking for expertise across a range of industries. Event management and web/digital skills are in particular demand but we consider applications from people from all backgrounds.  
  • We have 2 main teams – a London Based team and a Midlands Based team. You’ll have the option of joining one or both depending on where you’re based. 


Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Increase your volunteering profile on LinkedIn with an establised charity
  • Meet new people from diverse backgrounds and expand your professional network
  • Give back to the community and get invitations to prestigious events across the UK
  • Help represent the Sikh community at a variety of events
  • Gain expertise in a new skill set or develop an existing skill set
  • Invite to annual Ambassador social to meet other active Ambassadors 

Your Commitments:

  • There is no specific time commitment you need to make, we simply ask that you help as much as you can and take up offers to attend events / help support or organise events wherever you can 
  • You can remain an ambassador for an indefinite period of time with the minimum duration being 1 year.
  • All Ambassadors a requested to provide a monthly donation to City Sikhs as per the income brackets explained on our donation page for the duration of the their time as an Ambassador.



    You can apply to join as a Volunteer Ambassador at anytime in the year although we only review applications twice a year. Start your application to learn more about the application and to apply.