Interested in the British Sikh Report or Learning about the Sikh Community and Sikh Religion (Sikhi)?

If you are interested in learning about the British Sikh community or the Sikh Religion (Sikhi) then the British Sikh Report will be a great resource for you.

The British Sikh Report has been published annually since 2013 and is the only strategic document of its kind, aimed at governmental bodies, national institutions and general members of society.

The reports draw attention to the changing aspirations of the British Sikh community across a range of areas. Compiled by a collective of British Sikh professionals and academics, it is based on quantitative research and will be used to help better understand and meet the various needs of the Sikh community in Britain.

A summary of the findings for each of the reports is given below.

Almost 1 in 10 Sikhs regret how they voted in the EU Referendum

13% of Sikhs have been victims of hate crimes since the Referendum, but 69% would support their child joining the Armed Forces

Some of the key findings in the report relate to last year’s EU Referendum. 65% of Sikhs voted to remain in the EU, but 73% would now vote to remain if there was a second EU Referendum, suggesting that 8% regret how they voted or how they didn’t vote in June 2016. 13% said that they have been victims of hate crimes since the Referendum.

However, there is still a strong sense of duty and national pride amongst British Sikhs, with 69% of them saying they would support their son or daughter joining the Armed Forces.

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57% of British Sikhs want to stay in the EU, according to the British Sikh Report 2016

British Sikhs also give £125 million & 65 million volunteer hours to charity each year.

57% of British Sikhs want to stay in the EU and only 12% want to leave. 31% of respondents remain undecided.
The report also found that the civic contribution by Sikhs is immense, with the British Sikh community donating £125 million each year and volunteering for 65 million hours per annum in total.

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Sikh swing voters will be decisive in key seats, according to the British Sikh Report 2015

Over 1 in 3 British Sikhs (35%) are undecided about who they will vote for on 7th May

Nationally, 31% of British Sikhs intend to vote Labour compared to 16% for the Conservatives, 4% for the Greens, 3% for UKIP and 1% for the Lib Dems. In Scotland, 24% intend to vote for the SNP.

When asked about which issues they considered very important in Britain today, 81% of Sikhs said the state of the NHS, with 78% saying the same for the economy and 77% for education.

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The Sikh Pound is worth £7.63 Billion, according to the British Sikh Report 2014

The report found that two-thirds of British Sikh households (66%) have pre-tax incomes above £40,000, and over a third (34%) have a household income in excess of £80,000. Taking into account the average size of the British Sikh household, the report values the Sikh contribution to the British economy at a staggering £7.63billion.

In terms of wealth and assets, home ownership is very high amongst British Sikhs with 87% of households owning at least a portion of their home. 30% of British Sikh households own their homes outright and only 9% rent their properties. A mere 1% of British Sikhs claim Housing Benefit.

According to the report, British Sikhs are clear net contributors to the British economy and have a strong entrepreneurial drive, with about one in three British Sikh families (34%) owning a business in the UK.

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95% of British Sikhs are proud of being born or living in Britain, according to British Sikh Report 2013

The report found that 95% of British Sikhs are proud of being born or living in Britain despite almost three-quarters of them (74.5%) having experienced racism in the UK at some point.

In terms of integration, British Sikhs can be found in a great variety of professions, with over 357 different professions given by the respondents, including less stereotypical ones such as director or consultant. However, over a third (36.1%) of respondents have experienced discrimination of some sort in the workplace.

Furthermore, 96% of British Sikhs would like to see more Sikhs and the Sikh Religion / Sikhi on mainstream British TV, including in documentaries, sports-based features and in fictional dramas.

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