Vision and Mission


The City Sikhs Network (CSN) is a national non profit-making organisation created to promote networking, education and volunteering amongst Sikh and South Asian professionals and to provide a platform for engagement with the British Sikh community.

Our Work

CSN has organised professional networking evenings in London, Birmingham and Leicester; talks on career paths, life journeys, philosophy and spirituality as well as volunteering events. A few of its events have been held in conjunction with the accountancy, consulting firms and investment banks in London.

City Sikhs is also active within Interfaith dialogue and community cohesion and is a member of Faiths Forum for London and has worked with the City Hindu Network, Deloitte Diversity Networks, National Sewa Day and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.


The City Sikhs Network is based on universal Sikh values and aims to provide a voice for British Sikhs whilst empowering people to create positive change within Britain as a whole.


At City Sikhs we pride ourselves on being committed to supporting integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism and mutual respect. We work to build a cohesive, tolerant and inclusive society in which individuality is respected and diversity is celebrated.